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Bar 314

La Salle & Broadway, Morningside Heights

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Gourmet Pizza food

Taste:    Phenomenal

Value:  Inoffensive  

Booze: Yeah


Bar 314, or as we like to call it, the "Pie Bar", is one of my favorite spots. The pizza is exquisite, the atmosphere is nice, and as an extra bonus, is super close to me.

My current favorite is the Bari: it features a bunch of proscioutto, mozzarella, burrata and then they put a bit of truffle pate on top. It's just so good.

Another really great pie, is the Babba.

Just beware that the pizza is real food: when it comes fresh out of the oven, it's going to be real good for around 10 to 15 minutes, and then after it gets cold it just doesn't really taste like much. Sometimes the pizzas are a tad bit undercooked, so that's the only real issue with this place.

Last sampled 10th March 2023.

Image of some food from Bar 314