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60th & 3rd, Upper East Side

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Dessert food

Taste:  Inoffensive  

Value: Bad   

Booze: Yeah


Look, this is a silly place. They have like these insanely big and sweet desserts, they place too happy music, and it's all decorated like out of a magical children's movie. There's a ~$18 minimum per person, and they've got these ridiculous dishes you can order that they've submitted to the guiness records for being maximally silly, like a dessert with gold flakes that costs a grand.

So that's kind of the context. We got some sundaes and those frozen hot chocolates, which were decent but slightly too sweet.

I'd possibly come back here if I was ever entertaining a young kid and wanted to give them a sugar high, or if I had a friend who just loved over the top things and insanely sweet desserts.

Last sampled 29th August 2022.

Image of some food from Serendipity3